Winter 2012

WORD INFLATION a story by Rebecca Rothfeld ’14


Spring 2011


TTTTGTACTATTTCGS a poem by Nook Harquail ’14

BEAR TRAP a poem by Scott McKnight ’11


FLYING COLORS a photograph by Samantha Oh ’14


SPARROWHAWK (ACCIPITER BICOLOR) a poem by Frances Wang ’12


SOMETHING BORROWED a poem by Tyler Bradford ’14


THE DIVE a painting by Guilherme Ferraz ’14




CLEARING a poem by Mitchell Jacobs ’14

LOST AND FOUND a poem by Scott McKnight ’11


THOSE DOGS a story by Cassandra Hartt ’14

GARDEN WALLS a photograph by Sujin Lim ’12


HOUSTON a poem by Sophia Golvach ’11

FIGURE 1 a painting by SARAH MOORE ’11

INFINITY a photograph by Michael Chilcote ’12

Selections from Honors Theses in Poetry


poems from LITTER by Audrey Gradzewicz ’10

poems from SOMETHING LEADS HIM DOWN by Uyi Agho ’11

poems from CLOCKWORK by Mary Rockwell ’11

poems from THE NEW ASCETIC by Jessica Stein ’11

poems from STEREOSCOPY by Sophie Novack ’11


Winter 2011

DIAGNOSIS a poem by Danika Siewicz

THE AERIALIST a story by Catherine Sinclair ’14

UNTAINTED HAPPINESS a photo by Samantha Oh ’14

SNOW a poem by Scott McKnight ’11 

A BIRD’S MEMORIAL a poem by Marguerite Imbert ’11

CITYSCAPE a photograph by Tyler Bradford ’14



FRANKENSTEIN a poem by Billy Zou ’12

JIMI HENDRIX an audio poem by Joseph Naeem ’11

SAPIOSEXUALS ANONYMOUS a story by Rebecca Rothfeld ’14

SUNLIT FROST a photograph by Andrew Samuels ’14

ON NARRATIVE a poem by Olivia Sacks ’10

THE TRANSLATION a poem by Sarah White ’11

LUNCH IN THE PARK, TUPPENCE A BAG a photograph by Sujin Lin ’12

SALLY’S BOY a poem by Audrey Gradzewicz ’10

CONSIGNMENT SHOP a poem by Mary Rockwell ’11

TITRATION a poem by Krista Oehlke ’13

SCATTERED SELF a photograph by Katherine Richardson Arnould ’11


Fall 2010

SPIDER a poem by Mary Rockwell ’11

FROZEN a photograph by Stanley Kraska ’12


a story by Rebecca Rothfeld ’14

CHRISTMAS DAY, 1965 apoem by Andrew Lohse ’11

THE RED OSPREY a story by Aaron Colston ’14

COVERED a photograph by Stanley Kraska ’12

GOD SPEAKING a poem by Uyi Agho ’11


COLOR TUNNELS a photograph by Andrew Samuels ’14


ELEGY FOR AN OLD ARGENTINE a poem by Billy Zou ’12

JANUARY 1919, COPP’S HILL a poem by Sarah Loucks ’13

LEAF STUDY a photo by Michael Chilcote ’12





THE PEN IS MIGHTIER fiction by Lalo Cura ’10

SURGERY – KARAIKUDI, INDIA photography by Alex Lloyd ’10

IN BUENOS AIRES, LISTEN poetry by Alex Caron ’10

ROOMING WITH SKYLAR photography by Travis Price ’11

DOOR MAT poetry by Sam Buntz ’11

STRETCHING photography byStanley Kraska ’12

ONE MORE THING fiction by Emily Fiocco ’10

ROAD FROM CHALTEN photography by Travis Price ’11

WINTER DRAFT poetry by Krista Oehlke ’13

COINCIDENCE photography by Anna Gaissert ’13

THE OCTOPUS poetry by Jeremy Teicher ’10

THE GOOD FIGHT poetry by Matthew Ritger ’10




———–FALL 2009



N(ice) Perspective art by Sujin Lim ’12

Contemplations on a Mass Booty-Text a poem by Daisy Jones ’10

Untitled photography by Anna Gaissert ’13

Newton Putting Down His Pen a poem by Laura Michet ’11

Danny a short story by Frank Santo ’11

Variations on a Poem by William Carlos Williams by Nate Bruschi ’10

Untitled 1 digital photograph by Stanley Kraska ’12

Subject: No Subject a poem by Matthew Ritger ’10

The Day After it Rains a short story by Frank Santo ’11

A Powerful Lady – Village of Propintsi in Bulgaria photograph by Velizara Passajova ’10