Spring 2013 Issue

Dartmouth students are warmly encouraged to submit their poetry, prose, non-fiction and all forms of visual art.

Right: Baths by Hannah Decker ’13


But aren’t you the same girl who knelt

naked on the breakwater, bent in praise to some made-up moon goddess?

from Soliloquy: Woman Talking to a Mirror, or Birthday Pep Talk from Yusef Komunyakaa by Madeline Lesser '13

Right: Home IV by Luca Molnar ’13


In sleep,

your hands are cold,


Dust gathers on your brow,


from One Year In by Madeline Lesser ’13

Right: Untitled by Rebecca Schantz ’16


do I

forgive the sun


pick up the child

from How to Wake Up by Hannah Seulgee Jung '15

Right: Fogged Out by Katherine Pujol ’13



like beds, too

have many sides

from Headboard by Lisa Flynn '14

Right: Fractal Dreams by Michael Chilcote ’12


& the Archives

"Capgras Syndrome" - a poem
by Becca Rothfeld '14

"Danny" - a short story
by Frank Santo '11

"christmas day, 1965"
a poem
by Andrew Lohse '11

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